Explore a world of intrigue and mystery.

Paradox of the Cryptomancers features mind-bending puzzles similar to those in Myst. And, like Ready Player One, this is a treasure hunt of epic proportions where the prizes are real.

Mysteries are scattered throughout many dimensions, each with a cryptic secret to be discovered.

There are 20 challenging puzzles to be tackled. Be prepared: some are not for the faint of heart. They may require deep scrutiny and clever solutions.

Get ready.


When is the release date?

May 25th, 2018.

When are new puzzles unlocked?

Each day at precisely 6:00 PM PDT, we will unlock a new puzzle, and possibly two. This will conclude with the final puzzle being unlocked on June 11th.

How do I access the unlocked level?

You need to have completed all previous puzzles, and then click on the elevator button for the new puzzle.

How do the ethereum token prizes work?

The ethereum token prizes are weapons in our other game, EtherLoot, which is releasing a day after Paradox of the Cryptomancers. You can earn them in various ways described on the Crypto Chests page. To claim them, in-game press escape, click on "Crypto Chests", then enter your Ethereum address. You should be awarded your tokens no more than a day after you earn them.

How hard are the puzzles?

They start moderately difficult, and ramp up to very hard. However, we don't expect any puzzle to remain unsolved for more than a day.

Am I allowed to cheat?

We don't believe cheating will provide much, if any, benefit to the player. However, since we can't prevent it, you are allowed to cheat. This includes modifying game files, and modifying the game's memory.

Can I monetize videos of Paradox of the Cryptomancers?

Yes! Feel free to stream, and post videos to YouTube or anywhere else.

I'm stuck. Help!

We encourage you to join with your fellow cryptomancers, and help eachother. Some puzzles may be too difficult for any one person to solve themself. Look to the steam forums for leads. Here is a discord chat room you can join.


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