Crypto Chests

It's not just bitcoin that's at stake. The first 40 players to solve each puzzle will win a prize. We are giving out Crypto Chests. You could be among the first to own these valuable items.

The first 40 players to solve each puzzle wins a crypto chest.

The first 10 players to solve each puzzle win an additional RARE crypto chest.

The first player to solve each puzzle wins an additional EPIC crypto chest.

When a player enters your referral code in-game, you earn a crypto chest.

What are Crypto Chests you may ask?

They are Ethereum Tokens that will unlock playable items in EtherLoot. When you open the chest, it may contain, for example, a random weapon to use in the game.

Ethereum Tokens are a new form of digital goods or collectibles. Some examples are CryptoKitties or EtherCraft items. Games in this genre are decentralized - meaning they are played on a shared peer-to-peer network (the Ethereum blockchain). Head on over to to see other decentralized games that people are playing. It's exciting stuff!

In order to claim these prizes, you must enter your Ethereum address in the "Crypto Chests" menu in game before the final puzzle is solved by anyone.

How can I get an Ethereum address?

We recommend that you install the Metamask browser extension in Chrome. This will be used to log in and play decentralized games, and also gives you an Ethereum address. Here are some instructions:

How to create a public Ethereum address using MetaMask

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